Aerial photos and video have simply been unaffordable until now!


Real Estate

Do you sell real estate? Do you rent your second property? Do you just want amazing images of your personal property? Our aerial coverage can elevate the way you look at your real estate.

Wedding Day Aerial Media

Adding aerial coverage to your wedding film is an amazing way to set the scene. Showing your wedding location from the air is unique, eye-catching, and breath taking!

Aerial Perspective

Although Google Maps has made the aerial perspective common place, you just can’t get the detail or the depth with a google image. Our video is full 1080p HD and our photos are huge 24+ megapixel images.

Unique Point-of-view

Because our UAV is much smaller than a traditional helicopter, it can be flown into places that just aren’t possible to fly¬†a full size¬†helicopter (including inside large venues)


Aerial footage can be a great way to track progress on a construction site, check for problems, and do surveillance on different parts of the structure that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to get to

aerial photos could be what your property needs to sell


cost effective

there are so many reasons why a remote UAV is more cost effective than traditional methods of capturing aerial media, and we love to pass that savings on to you

high quality media

we aren’t flying something you can get at the mall. we fly a professional remote UAV with separate camera gimbal control

time effective

with our remote UAV we are able to set up, film, and break down faster than you could get loaded into a manned aerial vehicle

add aerial video to your production for that hollywood look


Our remote UAV is a two man operation. The pilot controls the aircraft, flying where the camera needs to go. The camera operator controls where the camera points, independently of the aircraft. With video downlink, we are able to monitor our shot from the ground, adjusting as needed.