Prism Supply Co.

Nowsay recently had the opportunity to provide aerial cinematography on a branded content shoot for Prism Supply Co. A custom bike, parts, and accessories company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a two day shoot with locations spreading across North Carolina.

Location, Location, Location

Video Production Agency, Remedy, spent extensive time digging for perfect locations.  “We were trying to land on as much of a variety of actions, textures, and palettes as we could – all while still living in a very rural southern sort of tone.” – said the team.  Everything had to be done in 2 days. We had to play heavily into available light, planning when we’d be at each location to maximize sunlight. The DJI Inspire 2 was the ideal aerial tool for this job. Allowing high speed tracking, it paired seamlessly with the color grade of the Alexa Mini.


Vulcan Quarry

One of the coolest locations was Vulcan Quarry, located in Pineville, North Carolina. Only a few minutes away from uptown Charlotte, this place was drone pilot heaven. A perfect location for aerials, with wide open spaces for flying. The  environment was ideal for pushing drone speeds as we tracked bikes up, down, and around the vast landscape. The shoot did call for some specific shots, but the director gave us full creative control with the available talent, allowing us to do what we do best in the air.

Hickory Motor Speedway

Our last location was Hickory Motor Speedway. This old racetrack had an old rustic feel. Similar to the quarry, this location was great to push the drone to its limits with no obstacles other than the stadium lighting. We were able to capture a ton of great footage in a small amount of time, adding some very dynamic footage to the final video.

We had a great time on set with everyone, and are thrilled that our aerial footage was able to add to this dynamic film. Big thanks to Director of Photography, Rob Russell, and everyone for bringing us on this shoot. Enjoy!

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