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based in Charlotte, NC

Concept Development

translate story to video, scripting, storyboarding

Video Content Creation

advertising campaign video content, social media video content, tv commercials, product videos, website video content

Digital Marketing Solutions

social media management, customer ad targeting, content delivery strategy

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Lead Editor, Project Manager, Gimbal Operator

Dominic is an multi-award winning cinematographer who fell in love with video at a young age shooting action sports. His passion was confirmed when his work started being featured in online publications such as Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarder Magazine and Alliance Wake. He contributes who he is as a filmmaker to his adventurous and passionate spirit. When he's not at work, you can find him with his fun-loving wife and family.



Colorist, Audio Tech, Aerial Pilot, Equipment Guru

They say excellence happens when passion meets professionalism. Zach's passion for technology and design are simply a part of his DNA. It's driven him to pursue many aspects of the film industry including sound design, color grading, and drone building. His professionalism comes from a desire to see something done well. In his free time he enjoys programming lights for concerts and wake surfing with friends.

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