Our Process

We know that many of our clients are working with video marketing content for the first time. We laid out our process so that you can get a better idea of how we go from concept to delivery, on time and on budget. It may seem like a lot, but don’t worry, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you are never overwhelmed and in the end you are completely satisfied with the final result.


  • Discuss the Vision

    We want to learn about your brand. Having an understanding of who your company is will help direct our vision for your project. We will also set goals for the project which will help everyone stay on track.

  • Develop the Story

    Taking all the information we gather from our meeting, we will create a treatment for the project. This treatment will include song ideas, a general story line and shot list, as well as a look including colors and aesthetics.

  • Present the Treatment

    We will iron out the details and make sure the product we envision aligns with your company’s goals and vision for the project. We will make necessary revisions before starting production.


  • Film Interviews

    If we choose to use people on camera for our storyline audio, capturing this will be our first step. We will setup cameras, lights, and audio equipment in our chosen location. Being filmed can be nerve-racking, so we try to make you feel as comfortable as possible during this part of the process!

  • Capture B-Roll

    B-roll is a term that refers to the extra video footage captured to support the storyline.

  • Fly the Drone

    Depending on the project, aerial footage can be a great way to set the scene, or even capture perspectives never seen before. After years of experience, we have the ability to fly with extreme precision. Learn more about our drone experience.


  • Edit

    This is where the real magic happens! In this step we really start to see the vision of the project come to life. We normally begin by placing the song and other supporting audio in the editing timeline and then piece the shots together. We go to extreme detail making sure that the music, voice over, and visuals are all working cohesively.

  • Color Correction & Color Grade

    Modern cameras create images that are very flat (low saturation, contrast, and sharpness), which provides an image that can be heavily manipulated without degrading the quality. This means that we must first color correct every shot to “bring back the image.” We then color grade which is the process of creating a “look and feel” with color.

  • Motion Graphics

    Motion graphics can set your video apart in a big way. Adding text, graphics, and other elements that are animated adds high production value to your final video, which will draw your viewers into the experience.


  • Revisions

    We always allow our clients to make revisions to the first draft we send over. This is the opportunity for you to point out any things in the video that you are not happy with or that you feel needs to be changed. After we make adjustments we will send you back one more draft to review and note any minor changes that remain.

  • Digital Delivery

    We deliver all of our videos digitally utilizing Dropbox and Vimeo. This ensures that you have the highest quality media possible.


  • Post to Social Media

    Many clients choose to have us manage their campaigns on social media for them. We can create post schedules, targeted ads, and sales funnels that are strategically designed to reach your customers.